Fourth Judicial District New Mexico CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
Fourth Judicial District New Mexico CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
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Legal Authority:

Supreme Court Ruliing 10-164 gives authority to a children's court judge to appoint a special advocate (CASA) to assist in any children's court proceedings.

The CASA is to assist the court in determining the best interest of the child. They are to investigate the facts of the situation as directed by the court and submit a report to all parties subsequent to adjudication.

A court order is issued to the CASA which waives the provisions of the children's code relating to confidentiality and gives them the authority to obtain information from any agency, hospital , school, organization, or office. This includes Department of Human Services, Department of Children Youth and Families,, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and police departments. They have the authority to carefully inspect all records.                                                                                





CASA Board and Staff





       Katie McDonough. Vice-president


       Tren Hillis


       Barabara Casey


      JoAnn Alcon-Ortiz






CASA Staff 


        Dr. Phyllis S Martinez, Executive Director

        P.O. Box 1495

        #18 Gallegos Street

         Las Vegas, NM 87701 



         JoAnn LaFerriere, Volunteer Coordinator

         P.O. Box 1495

          # 18 Gallegos Street

         Las Vegas NM 87701








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