About the CASA Program

Just one caring, stable adult in a distressed child's life is all it takes to make the biggest difference.

Mission Statement

CASA provides powerful advocacy for abused children.


What is the CASA Program?

CASA is a non-profit organization found in every state, comprised of volunteers who help children go through the judicial process after they have been removed from the family because of abuse or neglect. CASA volunteers provide help to the children in the courts to ensure that the decisions are in their best interests. For many children, their CASA volunteer is the only adult who focuses exclusively and unselfishly on them and their future during this traumatic time in their lives.

The Fourth Judicial District CASA program covers the following counties: San Miguel, Guadalupe, and Mora.


Impact of CASA Services

Beyond just helping children, CASA volunteers are helping shape a brighter economic future by cutting down on the costs of child welfare. Nationally, children with a CASA volunteer are much less likely to remain in long-term foster care. If the length of time in care for every foster child served by a CASA volunteer is shortened by just one month, the overall cost of the child welfare system is reduced by nearly 9%.

More than just reducing costs by shortening time in the system, children served by CASA volunteers are less likely to return to it. Nationally, only 9% children with a CASA volunteer re-enter the child welfare system, compared to 16% without a volunteer.

Funding For the Local CASA Program

CASA is a non-profit 501 (C)(3) tax exempt organization. Funding comes from:

·         The New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts

·         San Miguel County Magistrate Court

·         Private donations

·         Grants

·         Fundraising projects

·         And in-kind contributions

Donate to CASA Fourth to help an abused or neglected child. Your donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated! Tax ID: #17053272019016


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